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Research and Development


CvSU shall be a premier research center equipped with complete laboratory facilities and well-managed central experimental station where the most qualified researchers shall develop new knowledge, verify, and improve the technologies on current commodity thrusts and disciplined that can be packaged into usable materials by its target clienteles.


Generate, verify, package and disseminate information/technologies on coffee, urban agriculture and high value fruits and vegetables along with other important commodities and disciplined through research and development activities.


To generate, verify and disseminate appropriate and updated technologies along with the University's current research commodity thrusts in various disciplines in the University especially agriculture.

Specific objectives:

  • generate technologies in various disciplines in the University with emphasis on its major thrusts;
  • publish research results;
  • establish strong external linkages through formation of collaborative projects;
  • strengthen the capability of faculty, researchers, students and stakeholders in performing research activities;
  • recognize outstanding achievements of researchers; and
  • publish research results


The University shall pursue research programs which are responsive to the emerging needs and environmental changes and development depending on research competencies available, appropriateness to the local needs and availability of resources. Guided by the local and national development thrusts, the University research programs shall be focused but not limited on the following:

  • poverty alleviation
  • food security
  • primary health care and public health
  • alternative medicine
  • cultural heritage preservation
  • ecosystem management
  • energy conservation and utilization
  • institutional capability building
  • information and communication technology
  • infrastructure planning and design
  • biotechnology
  • industrial technology
  • pedagogy/andragogy
  • gender and development

Research programs / projects / studies observe the interdisciplinary, inter-departmental and inter-agency resource utilization and relationship. The researchers shall collaborate with research partners within the University, from member agencies of STARRDEC, from local and national government agencies and from private sectors to source out research funds, share resources and to facilitate transfer of research findings to end users.