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Campus Map

A. New Building:

  • Office of the Campus Administrator
  • Office of Student Affairs and Services
  • Guidance Office
  • Physical Education Department
  • Accounting and Cashier's Office
  • Management Information System Office
  • Office of the Campus Registrar
  • Research and Extension Office
  • Institutional Development Office
  • Department of Management
  • Teachers Education Department
  • Department of Entrepreneurship
  • Department of Languages and Mass Communication
  • Department of Social Science and Humanities

B. Stage and Gymnasium

C. Old Building:

  • Civil Security Office
  • Health Service Unit
  • Supplies Office
  • Department of Biological and Physical Science
  • Student Organization Office
  • Campus Library
  • Department of Computer Studies
  • Department of Hospitality Management

D. Canteen

E. Hospitality Management Laboratory