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Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance

Reproduced below is the overall student financial assistance program of the University. Any revision thereof shall be approved by the Board of Regents. The Financial Assistance Services Unit of the Office of Students Affairs shall be responsible for the implementation of the University Student Financial Assistance Program. Listed below are the current types of financial assistance may be implemented later upon approval by the Board of Regents.

  • CvSU State Scholarship. This scholarship is awarded to financially deserving students who excel in academic performance. The grant is classified as full and partial. In order to avail the full and partial grant, the students shall have a Grade Point Average (GPA) of 1.50 or better, and 1.51 to 2.00 respectively. Also, the scholar shall obtain a lowest grade of 2.50 in the previous semester.
  • Honorific or Academic Scholarship. This scholarship is awarded to students whose Grade Point Average (GPA) is not lower than 1.75 and obtain a lowest grade of 2.50 in the preceding semester. The grant is classified as full scholars with GPA of 1.50 or better and partial scholars with GPA of 1.75 to 1.51. Valedictorians and salutatorians are considered entrance scholars and are entitled full and partial scholarship, respectively.
  • Private Scholarship. This is granted to students who are selected and sponsored by private individuals and organizations. The continuance or the default of scholarship is at the discretion of the sponsor.
  • Endowed Scholarship. This is a scholarship set up when donors provide grant money or raise a certain amount, which will be the principal of scholarship fund. The earnings of the endowment e utilized to support scholarship grants. The fund is managed by the Office-In-Charge of the University Development Fund/Office of Student Affairs.
  • Job Experience Program (formerly known as Work for Tuition).This is a form of student assistance extended to financially handicapped students so they can enroll in a particular course and pay the corresponding school fees incured for the semester through work services rendered to the University. The number of work service depends on the amount of fees discounted.
  • Student Assistantship. This is a grant available to students who desire to render service to University and receive remuneration for services while studying. The allowable number of hours of work service shall be maximum of 100.
  • Government Scholarship. This is a scholarship given to any student under the AFP/Philippine Veterans Affair (PVAO), R.A 7160, PD 577, RA 7883, DND/CHED/PASUC and other similar recognized government scholarship honored by the University upon presentation of the necessary credentials.
  • CvSU Scholaship Priviledge. This scholarship is awarded to employees of the University and their dependents provided that such employees have rendered at least one year of continuous service to the University, irrespective of their employment status.
  • Service Scholarship. This is a program, which provides free tuition or tuition discount to students who have rendered service to the University as members of the varsity teams, CvSU band and socio-cultural, senior staff of student publication, officers of the University Student Council and first class ROTC Cadet Officers.

In general, the criteria in the selection of financial awardees include: good moral character; economic background of parents or guardians; willingness to work; and academic performance. The University shall promulgate the details of selection criteria and the mechanics of implementation and revise the same accordingly, as the need arises.

The benefits to the awardees of the financial assistance program include; either free tuition or discounts in tuition fees; monthly stipend; allowance per semester; book allowance and others. In addition, some types of financial assistance include priority booking in the University dormitory. The responsibilities of the recipients include maintaining high academic standards; and also rendering some types of service work to the University. The University shall issue from time to time, updates guidelines in this aspect of the program. 

The financial assistance is automatically terminated if a student recipient is involve in any misdemeanor in contravention of the University students code of conduct or any other University policies, rules and regulations. In addition. student recipient whose grades fall below the required academic requirements by the type of financial assistance shall also forfeit the benefits and/or allowances.