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Program Offering

Master of Arts in Education


  • Educational Management
  • Guidance and Counseling
  • Curriculum Instruction

The Master of Arts in Education major in Educational Management, Guidance and Counseling, and Curriculum and Instruction are offered by the Graduate School and Open Learning College (GS and OLC) in coordination with the Teachers Education Department, under the College of Education (CED), per BOR Resolution Np. 26, s. 2004.


The program seeks to upgrade the educational experiences that can lead academic, research and extension competence and a person through formal instructional and research.


  • To enhance the students' knowledge, attitude and skills on teacher education that will enable them to become competent teachers;
  • To provide students a strong foundation in the methods of educational research, develop appropriate skills and inculcate in them a proper attitude towards educational research; and
  • To provide opportunities for students to enrich their leadership capabilities, skills and knowledge in educational administration and supervision.