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Program Offering

Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship


Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship , as an articulated degree program is optimistic to integrate diverse disciplines such as information technology, architecture, and business ethics for a broader scope of interest.

The locus of Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship is anchored on the use of technology-based prototyping for a locally developed products, designing, packaging and labeling via stages of incubation to move economic resources. The above stated entrepreneurial efforts shape the path towards the desired sense of entrepreneurialism among students.


The Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship program aims to instill skill-based learning among budding entrepreneurs to the specifics of business ownership, whether micro, small and medium in response to employment generation, fair income distribution and export promotion role of the business enterprise.

Specifically, it should sharpen the aspirants' business acumen on various enterprise scenarios and challenges of globalization as encountered in the enterprise development for leverage and business continuity.


Specific professions/careers/occupations or trades that the graduates of BSENT may pursue. After satisfactorily completing all the requirements to a BSENT degree, students may qualify for but not limited to the following entry level positions:

    • Graduates of BSENT can start and manage a business.