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Department of Social Science and Humanities


The Social Science and Humanities Department intends to produce graduates who are globally competitive and morally upright social beings who:

  • manifest in-depth and clear theoretical understanding of humanities, social and behavioral sciences
  • classify socio-political and behavioral texts into relevant disciplines such as philosophy, history, sociology, political science, psychology, and other fields of intellectual endeavor;
  • create reflective outputs (i.e., research papers, theses, critique papers, and reflections) that demonstrate their intellectual adeptness within socio-political and behavioral knowledge;
  • exhibit high ethical standards and cultural appreciation through the integration of moral prescriptions of various disciplines in social and behavioral sciences;
  • value the importance of social and behavioral concepts, ideals, moral and intellectual legacies in general which continue to influence us as individuals and the contemporary Philippines in varied ways.


The Bachelor of Science in Psychology intends to produce graduates who are globally competitive and morally upright individuals who:

  • Demonstrate fundamental skills in assessment, counseling, and psychotherapy that are needed in providing various psychological services to develop the client’s fullest potential;
  • Apply psychological theories, concepts, and frameworks in research and actual practice;
  • Perform excellent, meaningful and comprehensive skills on different fields such as clinical, industrial, and educational settings;
  • Facilitate in actualizing the fullest potential of diverse individuals in professional, social, and ethical requirements of the psychology profession.
  • Respond to the psychological needs of the society through involvement in various community activities, research and extension.


  • Bachelor of Science in Psychology (BSPSYC)


  • Torreno, Milangelie C.


  • Abapo, Ken Christopher Z
  • Agualada, Angel Jatneil B
  • Akim, Janel Evan P
  • Apigo, Verbie June D
  • Ayon, Druzzello Alco A
  • Ballesteros, Bernadeth S
  • Baro, Kenneth Percival C
  • Bayot, Mark Angelo A
  • Bico, Alizza Darshelle E
  • Cabalitan, Cloyd Van R
  • Cantilero, Kimberly Ann S
  • Casas, Paul Enrique C
  • Cortez, Kathleen Kris D
  • Descarga, Mary Grace L
  • Diopol, Maria Angela L
  • Encabo, Cherub Angenique R
  • Estorninos, Paul John F
  • Gamboa, Janelle Angela S
  • Irog, Je-Ann H
  • Labiang, John Riel B
  • Mabongga, April Rose L
  • Malenab, Katherine Mae A
  • Maquiran, Azalea Marie 
  • Paquibot, Russlyster 
  • Paredes, Kyle Russelle P
  • Parong, Diwata R
  • Penales, Jose Rainier G
  • Quicho, Jervin D
  • Sagrado, Ann Valery B
  • Subong, Quintin L
  • Suni, Keno Alvir G
  • Torreno, Milangelie C
  • Vidal, Janeza Carla T
  • Villaflores, Noe D
  • Villanueva, Ma. Mimosa M