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Department of Biological and Physical Sciences


The Department of Biological and Physical Sciences intends to:

  • equip students with general concepts and principles in Mathematics and Sciences to support the various curricular programs of the University; 
  • develop students’ skills for the applications of the concepts learned through the conduct of science and technology-based laboratory experiments and exercises; 
  • conduct scientific researches relevant to the thrusts of the University; 
  • offer extension services in line with Biological and Physical Sciences related subjects to various clientele of the University; and
  • provide learning opportunities that would promote attitude for life-long learning and apply it to community needs, resources and goals to improve the quality of life. 


The Department of Biological and Physical Sciences make sure that students be able to:

  • integrate and apply the basic principles and concepts in their respective disciplines ;
  • demonstrate systematic and critical thinking; 
  • discover and improve knowledge through research;
  • promote preservation of the environment; and
  • develop appreciation of the values for effective learning as reflected in the performance of the learner


  • Viado, Milagros P. 


  • Beluang, Gamaliel B.
  • Diloy, Kelvin P.
  • Jeresano, Honey Mae A.
  • Lucas, Maylene Grace G.
  • Mendoza, Mark Paul D.
  • Parales, Reyjonel S.
  • Saño, Rex B.
  • Villanueva, Diana A.