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Administrative Offices

Office of the Registrar

The Office of the Registrar is responsible for keeping up-to-date and accurate records of student enrollment, grades, delinquency lists, drop-outs, graduation and the like. More specifically, the following are the functions of the Office of the Registrar:

  • Prepare yearly calendar of scholastic activities;
  • Plan out effective registration routing procedures and guidelines;
  • Record advance credits of transfer students;
  • Establish procedures for dropping of courses, leave of absence and change of classes. Keeping and issuing forms for these purposes;
  • Record approved leave of absence, change of classes, and the like;
  • Notify students to drop a subject, when necessary;
  • Automatically convert all grades of "INC" and "4" if not completed or removed after one year preceding registration of subject(s) with these grades per academic rules and regulations;
  • Officially inform registration advisers of student who repeated subjects for the second time and failed;
  • Prepare student delinquency list after each semester;
  • Prepare list of graduating students; and
  • Publish the general catalouges as often as changing academic and other programs of the Campus, which required a more permanent publicity.


  • Sanchez, Zara Jane A.


  • Alonalon, Anna Rizza V.
  • Amilhamja, Trazzara Mara J.
  • Roa, Maria Eunicia S.